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The first grapes planted at Spiral Rock went in the ground in the spring of 2014.  Our first wine was produced in 2016 and our first  licensed vintage in 2017.  What makes Spiral Rock special is a combination of great dirt (a product of repeated volcanic activity and flooding), favorable weather patterns, long summer days and cool fall nights. The fantastic growing conditions allow our grapes to fully ripen, developing complex flavors while maintaining high acidity.

We are a small winery, bottling only about 100 cases per year.

spiral rock


Our vineyard is just under two acres, situated on a South-East facing slope at a max. elevation of 1,940 feet.

We grow three varietals of grapes; Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec.  Due to the hillside location, we are not able to use any mechanical equipment.  Consequently, our grapes are tended to by hand throughout the growing cycle.  We pride ourselves in using traditional methods to grow our grapes and create our wines.

We let the natural “terroir” of the Lewis-Clark Vally AVA shine through in each of our estate produced wines.

current releases

2021 Dry Riesling

Most Rieslings are sweet with lots of residual sugar.  Not ours!  We make our Riesling in a traditional Old World German style; bone dry with no residual sugar.  Our Riesling is fruity with complex flavors and high acidity.  We pick the grapes at about 21° brix, crush and press, then ferment dry and age in stainless steel.

Produced: 30 cases

2021 Sparkling Rosé

A delightful, slightly effervescent rosé produced by blending our Dry Riesling with Cabernet Sauvignon.  This bubbly screams summer deck wine!

Produced: 25 cases

2021 Red Blend

The bold flavors of our Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon combine smoothly in this big Bordeaux style red blend. Aged 12 months in a French/American oak barrel, our Red Blend is dry and full of flavor. Try it with a steak and you won’t want to stop drinking!

Anticipated Production: 20 cases. Approximate bottling date: November, 2022

2019 Dry Riesling:  Sold Out

2019 Sparkling Rose:  Sold Out

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon:  Sold Out

2018 Syrah:  Sold Out

2018 Red Blend:  Sold Out


harvest party

In early October we harvest and crush most of our grapes.  It is a monumental task for a small family operated vineyard and winery.  In order to harvested in a timely manner, we host a public Harvest Party, hoping to attract enough volunteers. It always works!

It is a day filled with a pleasing mix of harvesting grapes, a delicious BBQ, plenty of wine and great live music.  Come join us this fall and celebrate the harvest!