Standard 3 Day Wedding Package $2,995

Set up the day before, clean up the day after.

  • $500 deposit reserves your dates if available.

Special 1 Day wedding Package $1,295

8am – 12 midnight

  • 1 day wedding reservations accepted after May 1.
  • $500 deposit reserves your date if available


  • Lawn, garden & deck area
  • 1,200 sq. ft. indoor tasting room
  • 1,100 sq. ft. lighted, open air pavilion
  • Tables & chairs for 150 people
  • PA/Music system
  • One Inside restroom
  • 3 Porta potties & hand wash station
  • Refrigerator space
  • 5th wheel “cottage” for changing, privacy, etc.
  • One day event insurance

To request more information, please call (208) 791-0912 or fill-out the form below. Thank you!

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