Kombucha (kom –boo-cha)

Many years ago a friend introduced us to fresh mango kombucha. We loved it. Several years later that same friend stayed with us in Idaho for several weeks and mentored us in all things kombucha.  This special drink became a family regular in our quest for healthier drinking and eating.   In 2019 we began distributing our own fresh fruit kombucha to our local area.  What is kombucha, you ask?

Kombucha is refreshing, non-alcoholic drink made by fermenting sweet black tea with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) and flavoring the mix with fresh fruit, juice and/or spices.  It is generally served lightly effervescent, contains less than 0.5% alcohol and is naturally low calorie.

The origins of kombucha date back 2,000 years and is thought to have originated in Northeastern China.  However, history indicates kombucha was consumed in Russia and Eastern Europe, but known by different names such as “teeschwamm, wunderpilz, hongo and cajnij” to name a few.

The reported health benefits of consuming kombucha are unsubstantiated by the FDA.  However, the general belief is that the healthy bacteria contained in the kombucha bring digestive and other benefits to those who enjoy regular but moderate consumption.  Many claim kombucha is a sure-fire hangover cure!

Spiral Rock Kombucha is brewed on-site at Spiral Rock Vineyard.  Fresh fruit including grapes, raspberries, nectarines, cherries, plums and peaches harvested from our vines and trees along with wild huckleberries, blackberries and apples are infused to bring our kombucha to life.  Naturally sweet, tart and slightly sour, kombucha is a unique and delicious beverage we bet you will enjoy.  For kombucha lovers over 21 try our Spiral Rock Hard Kombucha.  Same great flavor but with an extra kick!  5.5% ABV

Spiral Rock Kombucha is available at these community partners:



  • A&B Foods (8th St.)
  • Imua Hawaiian Style Restaurant
  • Vigs Health Foods
  • Mystic Café


  • Moscow Food Coop
  • Saturday Farmer’s Market


  • Amsterdam Coffee Club/Sativa Sisters
  • Sweet Melon Shack